Steps to Own Your Fast Twitch

Step One: Contact

If you would like to learn more about partnering with Fast Twitch, we invite you to call us at 937.236.7276, email us at, or fill out your info on our contact page to express your interest in opening your Fast Twitch training facility.


Step Two: Qualification

After our initial conversation, you can apply for ownership by filling out our application and confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement (CNDA).


Step Three:  Discovery

In this step, we will dive into the details of the business and applicants will receive our Franchise Disclosure Document.  There are two major objectives of this step. The first is for the potential franchisee to understand their responsibilities as the franchisee and as well as the responsibilities of the franchisor. Second, the potential franchisee will be introduced to our success system of business and training processes and protocols.


Step Four: Signature

It is now time to sign the franchise agreement! Once this takes place and the initial franchise fee is paid, you will become the newest member of the Fast Twitch family.


Step Five: Prepare

After the documents are signed, you will be taken through our step-by-step process to open your own Fast Twitch facility successfully. We will guide you every step of the way from finding your site location and equipping your facility to spending a few days at our corporate headquarters learning facility operations, procedures and protocols. This step covers all areas from construction to opening day.


Step Six: Open

Now you are ready to open your Fast Twitch training facility successfully and with continued support.


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